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The Bottleneck Is Intelligence, Not Money

(However, post-science is 2000 years ahead of science and has captured the most valuable future innovations, waiting for the society to catch up. For example, the society is currently caught between the Infinite Spreadsheet and the chronicle financial crises, which can only be solved by the Infinite Spreadsheet.)

The most valuable commodity on earth is DNA. The most valuable contribution from DNA is thinking ability of the life expressing a DNA. The problems of society can all be traced to the lack of thinking ability of the time. Today, the world is dominated by science, which requires the intelligence to solve just 5-variable problems. The solution of touch in post-science involves 25 variables (5 variables from each end of a spring, 5 x 5 = 25); the solution of value involves about 50 variables (the number of inputs to the Infinite Spreadsheet); and the solution of software involves around 500 variables (2 levels of the Universal User Interface with 8 choices at each level, 8 X 8 x 8 = 512 or the number of choices of the Intel Machine Instruction). Throughout history, there are only a limited numbers of thinkers who can handle problems with more than 5 variables, which define the current Age of Science. Post-Science Institute has associated with many thinkers whose intelligence surpasses the 5-variable level. For example, most Nobel Prize winners in science can think 10 variables because they need to think simultaneously two 5-variable problems, namely, the new one discovered and the old one. Ta-You Wu can think 25 variables, for his co-inventing with Hugh Ching the concept of jumpulse, the solution of touch. Milton Friedman was the greatest thinker of the twentieth century (or the most influencial and persecuted; the world has yet to understand his suggestion that there should be no man-made law) and could handle slightly less than 50 variables due to his inability to understand the Infinite Spreadsheet, while the mathematically trained Gerard Debreu and Kenneth Arrow both have 50-variable intelligent due to their understanding of the Infinite Spreadsheet and for their posing of the problem, albeit not the solution, of value. Paul Feyerabend, Francis Crick, T. L. Kunii, C. V. Ramamoorthy, Tyler Cowen, Bulent Corak, and Lotfi A. Zadeh have intelligence compatible to the level of post-science. Lotfi’s fuzzy logic definitely surpasses the intelligence level of post-science and the next 2000 years covered by post-science. Precision is not as important as survival. The fuzziness in social and life sciences originates from the design strategy, which expands the range of tolerance of the living system to survive under all the possibilities of an uncertain future. Thus, fuzzy logic, not exact logic, is suitable for describing the fuzzy reality and covers the entire fields of social and life sciences for the unforeseeable future. Post-science attracts thinkers of the future, but identifying a young thinker is nearly impossible!

The Next Stage of Human Development

In the past 500 years, science has demonstrated the existence of non-violable laws of nature in science. In the next 500 years, social science will demonstrate the existence of non-violable laws of nature in social science. The post-science solution of value is a non-violable law of nature in social science. Both Karl Marx and Milton Friedman tried to make social science scientific, but involving infinity, social science is not empirically verifiable because infinity will never arrive and can only exist in the mind and be analyzed mathematically. Social science is accepted based on mathematical verification.

NEWS: Istanbul Speech: Post-Science Next 2000 Years
Starting with Non-violable Laws of Nature in Social Science

Below are the links to the speech in Istanbul. Part 1 (last link) is just some random chat to relax the audience and to give the purpose for the visit half-way around the world with all expenses paid plus a very intelligent tour guide.
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Post-Science Next 2000 Years Part 3 of 7: Solution of Value, a Non-violable Law of Nature
Post-Science Next 2000 Years Part 4 of 7: Good vs. Evil, From Equation of Evil to Equation of Good
Post-Science Next 2000 Years Part 5 of 7: Complete Automation, DNA, and Life
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Post-Science Next 2000 Years Part 7 of 7: Acceptance Theory of Knowledge, Demo of Jumpulse Dance
Post-Science Next 2000 Years Part 1 of 7: Discovery of Non-violable Laws of Nature in Social Science

The Two Major Changes in the Next Two Thousand Years

(1) Non-Violable Laws of Nature in social science will replace man-made constraints, such as morality and religious teachings, man-made legal regulations, customs, cultures (The solution of value is for solving the on-going global financial crisis).
(2) Self-Creation of the living system by mankind will replace Creation by God(Complete automation is for solving the future complexity crisis).

Post-Science Institute controls the theory and the practice in both Non-Violable Laws of Nature in social science (Infinite Spreadsheet) and in Self-Creation (Human Language Programming)

It is the responsibility of every rational human being to observe the non-violable laws of nature in social science.
The solution of value is a non-violable law of nature.

The most important design criterion is permanence.
The design criterion of Permanence is satisfied by Complete Automation, which characterizes life.

The Main Choice for Every Person in the 21st Century

To Be a B4Y2K or a AFTY2K Person?

"We live in a universe of the Machanizor."
Hugh Ching, Founder of Post-Science

The name Computer implies a glorified calculator and should be repalced by Machanizor.
The Computer is just the worst Machanizor in the universe and is made here on earth.

NEW (Oct. 7, 2013):

Standards of rigor in knowledge

Definition of a pure scientist: One who does not discuss social science becasue no problem in social science has been solved with scientific rigor. (According to Richard Feynman)

Definition of a real mathematician: One who believes that "scientists are religious fanatics." (Exact words of Harold Grad, one of six best students of Richard Courant, who was the best student of David Hilbert. Grad was the mathematics teacher of Hugh Ching, the Father of Post-Science)

Definition of a logician: One who criticizes scientists, mathematicians, and logicians. (Paul Feyerabend wrote "Against Method" and "Farewell to Reason")

NEW (Oct. 5, 2013):

A World Religion

A new world religion based on knowledge: There are four categories of knowledge. They are (1) Morality, (2) Science, (3) Post-Science, (4) Extraterrestrial.

NEW (Sept. 24, 2013): Dr. Lotfi A. Zadeh has extended post-science from 2000 years ahead of the 21st century to infinity, when the problem of fuzzification through bio-diversification will be continually discussed. Dr. Zadeh's thinking process can be described as Realitogic. Realitogic thinking centers around reality, not reason, and reason with logic. Dr. Zadeh should be considered the best thinker in history because of his invention of the vision of fuzzy logic, which has enlisted others to work on the problems of fuzzy logic. A Realitogic Thinker devotes most of the time thinking, not execution or other chores. Realitogic Thinking is in contrast to Rational Thinking or thinking with reason. It confirms the teachings of Benedict Spinoza, Immanual Kant, Paul Feyerabend, and science in its true empirical form, which has no reason. Lotfi A. Zadeh has demonstrated the most important thinking process and has made the most significant historically contribution to how thinkers think or congnitive psychology.

In contrast, most mathematicians and philosophers do not face problems of reality head-on. They study just the methods and the problems in mathematics and logic. The method of logic is most rigorous or reliable, but the problem of logic is the simplest. Using the most rigorous method to study the simplest problem is just academic exercises. Post-science has realized that the most complex problem should be studied by the most rigorous methods. In particular, social science should observe mathematical rigor, and life or computer science should observe the rigor of logic. Furthermore, the so-called scientific method or empirical verification is not applicable to solutions involving infinity, which characterizes reality.

Dr. Zadeh has demonstrated with his career the most efficient thinking method, namely, realitogic. He view problems from the point of view of reality, which is the most complex entity in nature, and analyzes reality with logic, which is the most rigorous of all methods of analyses. In post-science, the problems in social science are analyzed by mathematics, which is more rigorous than empirical verification, the so-called scientific method, and the problems in life or computer science are analyzed with the rigor of logic, which is even more rigorous than mathematics.

Since The Bible

Two Millennia of Morality (Animal-Like)
Two Millennia of Knowledge (Human)
Two Millennia of Intelligence (Creator-Like)

(Everything will evolve according to the original design.)

(From Animal-Like to Human to Creator-Like takes just six millennia.)

Post-Science Prediction

Knowledge for Next 2000 Years

Click here for a technical presentation of software cell.
Click here for a pdf version with charts.

How to Achieve Permanence

DNA propages through cloning. The living system achieves permanence through self-creation of the living system at a time interval around several billion years. During the several billion years, mankind must advance to a point that it can create the next generation of the living system. The process of self-creation starts from Self-Manufactured General Purpose Robots with the ability of touch. The Robot will be developed and contrilled by the completely automated Universal Permanent Software. Ultimately, the Robot will become the next generation human and the Software, the next generation DNA. The whole several billion years are planned by the Infinite Spreadsheet. Therefore, the living system can only be changed for the next generation of the living system; there is little destiny altering change to be made during the billions years after the living system has been set in motion.

The society of the 21st century can only understand scientific problems with around 5 variables and is not equipped to survive in a post-science world of problems of value and life with 50 to 500 variables, respectively. Post-Science Institute has attempted to solve these real world problems by gathering together many post-establishment thinkers, such as Paul Feyerabend, Harold Grad, Ta-You Wu, K. T. Li, Milton Friedman, Bill Kinnard, Gerard Debreu, Kenneth Arrow, T. L. Kunii, C. V. Ramamoorthy, Rustin Roy, Lotfi Zadeh, Richard Stallman, George Hsieh, Joe, Ching, Jay Xiong, Chien Yi Lee, and Hugh Ching, the founder of post-science. Post-Science Institute welcomes other thinkers to join its Knowledge Team. Please email to: amy(at)jumpulse(dot)com. Jumpulse is a word coined by Ta-You Wu, Father of Chinese Physics, and is a post-Newtonian concept applicable to robot touch, prolonged contact in sports, and Jumpulse Dance.

Post-Science Proposed Future Research

1. Trophic Factor Research to Enhance Brain Power

Two of the youngest post-science members were preemies, who were one of the first human experimentations on trophic factors to reinforce the brain growth.

2. Permanent Life Extension through Cloning of DNA

Most animal and plant reproductions go through genetic selection process of cloning, which should be considered the civilized way of reproduction, in contrast to sexual reproduction, which enhences biodiversification, which is desirable in expanding the range of tolerance for surviving.

3. Simulation of DNA-Protein System with Completely Automated Self-Generating Software System

The DNA-Protein Sytem is almost identical in structure as the completely automated Self-Generating Software System, which can self-generate, auto-updating, and auto-documentation. Since DNA is the final version of the updated software of life, only self-generating and auto-documentation are the remianing useful features for further research.


Click Here for Post-Science Anti-Establishment Views.


Two thousand years ago, the Bible predicted that the most important problem for mankind would be excessive evil. With its correct prediction, today the Bible is still the most influential guide on human behavior. Religions have served to provide artificial constraints on human behavior. However, the world is now plaques by an unsolvable global financial crisis. Mankind has survived the last two millennia by muddling through on auto-pilot without solutions, except the religious advice to reduce evil. For permanent survival, mankind must find guidance on human behavior based on rigorous derivation.

Next two millennia will start a new cycle of human progress. In the past two millennia, human progress had advanced through roughly the Age of Morality, the Age of Religion, the Age of Reason, and the Age of Science, each of which took roughly 500 years. Post-science predicts that the next two millennia will be divided into, in chronicle order, the Ages of Social Science, Life Science, Robotics, and Self-Creation, with each Age taking up roughly 500 years. Also, post-science speculates that a long-term plan of two millennia is needed to guide human progress and to set the correct direction for short-term actions.

Using the past knowledge advance as a guide, 2000 to 2500 AD will be the Age of Social Science, where human behavior will no longer be guided by faith in religions and will be guided by solutions in social science, which will extend the existence of non-violable laws of nature in science into the existence of non-violable laws of nature in social science. Problems in science involve about 5 variables, such as the law of gravitation. From the solution of value and the Infinite Spreadsheet, problems in social science involve around 50 variables, as indicated by the number of inputs of the Infinite Spreadsheet.

The Age of Life Science will extend from 2500 to 3000 AD. Products will be created based on the foundation of complete automation, which characterizes life. Computer science and life science will be put on the same foundation of complete automation. In essence, software will be completely automated with the goal of transforming into DNA. From the choices of machine instructions and the completely automated software, the problems in life science involve around 500 variables. Thus, it appears that every 500 years there is an order of magnitude increase in the complexity of the problems.

Complete automation is the solution to unlimited complexity. The purpose of complete automation is to achieve permanence in the creation. In the completely automated software, the software becomes completely automated with the capabilities of self-generation, auto-update, and auto-documentation.

After solving the problem of completely automated software and the problem of value, which is needed in determine the value of permanent entities, the concept of complete automation will extend from software to hardware. The goal of the Age of Robotics from 3000 to 3500 AD is to build the Self-Manufactured General Purpose Robot with the ability of touch and with sufficient fault tolerance, which corresponds to fuzzy logic, to take over all human physical labor, leaving humans to just program the Robot using the completely automated software, which can be constantly updated with added robot functions. When the Robots are being improved, there will come a time when mankind will realize that the human is the best robot and DNA is the optimal completely automated software. Thus, the final 500 years will be the Age of Self-Creation. In the process of self-creation, mankind will realize from the design specification the purpose of its own existence, namely, self-creation, for what is created will be able to do anything the creator can do. Self-creation is the ultimate scheme of perpetual improvement.

Post-science solves the problems of touch, value, and software. The problem of touch is to eliminate the bounce when two objects collide. The solution of touch is a precisely timed jumpulse. The problem of value is defined mathematically by Gerard Debreu and Kenneth Arrow in a space extending to infinity in time and space. Debreu’s solution of the temporal part of the problem of value is incomplete in his book Theory of Value. Post-Science solves the temporal part with the Infinite Spreadsheet. The solution of software is the requirement of permanence, which is achieved through complete automation.

The solution of touch is still in the field of science and can be empirically verified. The solutions of value and software involve infinity in time. Since infinity never arrives, deterministic set of data cannot be collected, and the solutions cannot be empirically verified; the concept of falsification in science is not always applicable in post-science. The acceptance of the solution of value depends on mathematical rigor in its derivation. The acceptance of the solution of software depends on the logic of its derivation.

The solution of touch has eluded Isaac Newton and all the scientists since Newton for the past 300 years. The problem involves the interaction of two motions in the two ends of a spring. It deals with about 25 variables, which come from the five variables from the two ends of the spring, where 5 x 5 =25. Up to now, the solution has made impact in sports and dance. All the professional tennis players have to play with the Jumpulse Stroke, which allows prolonged contact between the ball and the racket. The Jumpulse Dance is possible when a jumpulse, which is an instantaneously generated force, overcomes the static friction between the foot and the floor and has revived world-wide two dances movements, Running Man and Shufflin. The Jumpulse Dance could be the first and the only success of post-science.

The solution of value, a mathematically rigorous non-violable law of nature in social science, was defeated by FIRREA of 1989, a man-made law, proposed by the advocators of the Free Market of Milton Friedman led by Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan during the US Savings and Loan Crisis. Twenty years later, Subprime Woe, again due to over-valuation of the real estate market, as the S&L Crisis, was ten time more severe than the S&L Crisis. FIRREA of 1989 could be one of the main contributors to the Subprime Woe. From its greatest failure, post-science realizes that until man-made laws are replaced by laws of nature, financial crises will continue to plaque the economy with increasing magnitudes.

The solution of software has led to two most interesting and extremely potent products: (1) The Human-Language Programming software will allow the human to communicate with the computer forever in native human languages and (2) Universal Permanent Number will be the first company with the potential to reach market capitalization of a trillion dollars, say, by selling a trillion numbers at a dollar per Number. Certainly, the wisest thing for post-science to do is to work on Universal Permanent Number, which will be remembered by the computer not the human, using Universal Permanent Software or Human-Language Programming, when the number of the Numbers becomes too large for humans to remember. Also, post-science believes that the mind is temporary, but DNA is permanent.

The knowledge since the Bible has been dominated by the Bible because knowledge of human behavior is far more important and far more difficult than knowledge of material behavior, which is the preoccupation of science. Using 2000 year as the period of the large cycle of human progress, at the turn of the second millennium and in the face of globalization, which has connected and amplified crises into a global scale, such as the $60 trillion CDS debacle, the irrational man needs to be poised to embark on a long journey of knowledge discoveries beyond science into social and life sciences or post-science.

The Next 2000 Years
Speculations and Predictions

The influence of nature is far more powerful than that of man. Similarly, the predetermination of creation could far outweigh mankind’s self-determination, especially, at the early stages of development of mankind. Today, correct social and life sciences are virtually non-existent. These speculations and predictions should be very surprising. But, with limited evidence and little analytical proof, the following list will surely be modified continually. They are mostly speculations or unguaranteed predictions. Yet, knowledge is based on faith, not reason. On the other hand, the twentieth century was at a very low knowledge level; most of the beliefs will be wrong in the next 2000 years.

1. Human intelligence will double: The intelligence level will be decided by choice, not chance. Human intelligence will double in a peaceful environment of the future. Substantial amount of brain cells of Preemies can be saved by trophic factors. The same method can be used to increase the number of brain cells of normal babies. The post-science question has been why have not our creators give us more intelligence in the first place, instead of allowing 50% of the brain cells to die a short period after birth. Statistics seems to show that there is a noticeable portion of very intelligent young people becomes emotionally unstable during certain times of their lives. This could be caused by the over-sensitivity associated with the high intelligence; the real world of an irrational society could be too harsh for these sensitive souls. Thus, the rationality of a society must accomplish the artificial increase of human intelligence.

2. Society will be based exclusively on laws of nature: Society will be governed exclusively by non-violable laws of nature, not man-made laws, which are not based on laws of nature. Most significant non-violable laws of nature in social science will be solved within the next millennium, and the progress will be in full force in 500 years, when mankind will become rational. Society will be governed by knowledge and led by people of knowledge, who will have higher authority over free thinkers, who will be above the government, which will govern the mass as a whole.

3. Programming software will be the only work for humans: Human work will be consisted of programming of self-manufactured robots. Human and computer will communicate exclusively in human native language. The name “computer” will be replaced by “processor.”

4. Self-creation based on DNA and living system development is the goals of existence: Space exploration will determinedly increase the value of mankind. DNA will be the most valuable commodity on earth. What has been created by our creators will ultimately evolve to full bloom unaffected by human action. The creation of a better living system based on DNA-like software in far away outer space will be mankind’s main preoccupation. The amount of work is unlimited.

5. Knowledge will be more important than wealth: Accumulation of wealth for survival will no longer be necessary and will be less desirable than the achievement of happiness. Happiness will come less from wealth than from knowledge. Knowledge discoveries will be the main news.

6. The order of society will be 1. Knowledge, 2. People of Knowledge, 3. Individuals, 4. Government, and 5. Mass. Government authority over sex and drug will completely vanish and replaced by knowledge. Most beneficial effects of living organisms will be discovered. Sex will be solely for recreation. Reproduction will be taken over by cloning, artificial womb, etc. Mankind will concentrate on deriving happiness and avoiding pain through knowledge.


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